What to expect

What should I wear? 

   You will see everything from suits to jeans here at FBCW.

Where do I take my kids?

   If you are coming to Sunday School, all the kid's classes are the in Education Building, starting at 9:45am.

  For the worship service, Children's Church - W4 Explorers - is held during morning worship and they meet

in the back hallway of the Sanctuary Building.  After the worship service is over, you will go to the back hallway to pick up your kids.  

The nursery is also located in the back hallway of the Sanctuary Building.

Am I expected to contribute money during the offering?

  As a guest, we do not expect you to tithe.  

We are very appreciative that you would take the time to come and join us.  

Where are the restrooms located?

  In the Sanctuary Building, the restrooms are located in the back hallway.  

  In the Education Building, the restrooms are located near 2&3 year old's room.  

Turn left past the water fountain and you will find the restrooms.  

  There are also restrooms located in the fellowship hall, 

on either side of the kitchen - men's is on the left side and women's in on the right.

Family room

The Family Room is located just outside of the sanctuary near the water fountain. 

This room is available to families who need to change a diaper or calm/feed a fussy baby.